Winner of 1st, 2nd or 3rd Period and Division Champions

Winner of 1st PeriodIn the past, there were problems involving winner of 1st,2nd or 3rd period and even Division Champions that actually occurred and they caused chaos among players. Thus, it is important to put into consideration how to resolve these problems. Good thing rules that could help accomplish this were created. Every player should of course be familiar of these rules.

Well, first and foremost, only the goals that are scored within the nominated period that should count. This rule should be applied in every ice hockey game or event. And unless otherwise stated, for the outcome of the 3rd period, overtime should not count.

Then, with Division Champions, if ever the season is shortened, regardless of the reason, bets should be settled based on the Division Champion proclaimed by the respective governing body. This rule should be also applied in every ice hockey game or event.

Most likely, you are fond of ice hockey and it is may be one of the sports that you are into right now. In this connection, you need to know and naturally understand what the said rules are trying to convey to you and to other players with similar interest like yours as far as sport is concerned.

You’re most probably into ice hockey just for fun and excitement. But you need to realize that it is important that you do your part in keeping everything organize with regards to your sport. You won’t just play in an ice hockey game or event for the purpose of playing, to have fun and experience adrenalin rush because of excitement. You will have to play accordingly. You will have to play uprightly in order to have everything in place, no chaos or whatsoever among players in the game or event. Think of what the rules try to say.

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