UEFA Cup or more known these days as UEFA Europa League is one of the prestigious competitions under the guidance or management of UEFA. Just for clarity, UEFA is the Union of European Football Associations.

Basically, UEFA Cup is a competition that takes place yearly and is mainly just for qualified European football clubs. Thus, it is considered as the second most reputable European competition in the field of football or soccer just right after UEFA Champions League or simply can be called as Champions League. The clubs can be considered eligible if they show great performance in national leagues as well as cup competitions.

For this year up to next year, UEFA Cup is believed to be capable of getting an increase in profile. This is particularly due to the so-called “rebranding”. And also, it is believed to be capable of accepting additional 16 teams for its main stages with the group stage being made up of 12 groups of four teams specifically in a double round robin.

UEFA Cup or should we say UEFA Europa League seems to be more exciting this year up to next year and in the many years to come. Thus, if you are in search for a competition to where you can place your bet/s on, dare not to consider it. It is where your bet/s must be.

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