The Thrill of Playing at Cannonball Tournaments

Cannonball tournaments are a part of the special tournaments at Bwin, they are one of the Dailys currently being offered at the great website. But actually by nature, they are still regular type of tournaments.

Well Cannonball tournaments are generally great tournaments as they can combine best of two worlds by offering the kick-start thrill of turbo tournaments and typical paced finish that only regular tournaments can bring. However, dealing with the said tournaments, may not be that easy because of the great number of levels involved. Most levels should be played at 12 minutes per level and just a few should be played at 3 minutes per level.

Also, as quiet expected, the Cannonball tournaments come with a buy-in. However, there is nothing to worry about it as it is affordable, no doubt. It may not cause too much to the bankroll. In fact, it is only $5.50.

Currently, Cannonball tournaments are very much available at Bwin. There are five of which that are being offered at the great website at 3:25, 5:25, 7:25, 9:25 and 11:25 PM ET.

Dare not to consider Cannonball tournaments, if you are actually in search for tournaments to play at. As what we have said, they are generally great tournaments. With them, you will never go wrong.

Nonetheless, when you play at Cannonball tournaments, you will get to experience adrenaline rush because of the kick-start thrill of turbo tournaments and typical paced finish of regular tournaments being combined. Of course, you can get to experience how it feels like to enjoy best of two worlds. You will never regret playing at Cannonball tournaments. Thus, check them out at Bwin as soon as you can. They are the tournaments to play at. Don’t miss them or else you will feel sorry for yourself.

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