The Results and the Playing Time

Playing TimeThe playing time is often fixed for games in basketball events or leagues. But then, it may change in case something happens or takes place. There can be abandonment, thus changing the playing time itself.

In case of abandonment, say a game is abandoned before it supposedly ends and the official outcome is still likely not clear, the results are deemed to be official after certain minutes of play. For American Professional Basketball including the NBA and the WNBA, it should be after 43 minutes of play. For American College Basketball including the NCAAB, it should be after 35 minutes of play. And for Non-American Basketball including the FIBA, it should be after 40 minutes of play. Such rule regarding abandonment should apply to all bets, unless otherwise stated.

In a live betting, the game must be completed for the bets to stand. In case it is abandoned at a time before it is completed, then bets other than the ones already decided at the time of abandonment should be considered as void.

There are actually events that are meant to happen or take place, just like abandonment, when it comes to a basketball game. This reality is of course for every basketball and betting enthusiasts to accept. They can’t do anything other than accepting it. The rules will just be with them every step of the way, they just have to recognize them.

Most likely, you are also like many others, a basketball and betting enthusiast. Basketball is your sport and betting is your most loved hobby. Well basketball and betting make a good combination. But then there are rules, just like above, that such combination requires you to be well familiar with. Of course, this will still benefit you though you will need to exert effort and require you to have good amount of patience.

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