The Position and Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

The position and starting hands are two important things to consider when in the context of playing Texas Holdem. When there is potential to do good on both there is better chances of beating the said variety.

First with position, it must be maximized no matter what it is. Of course, there is a good position and a bad position, a late position and an early position. But the good thing is, there are also playable hands for each type of position. Specifically for late position, playable hands are most likely the hands that are good to mediocre types. Late position is considered as the good position. With such position, it is very possible to get free information and turn good to mediocre hands into winning hands. While particularly for early position, playable hands are hands that are actually very strong. Early position is considered as the bad position. With such position, there is no chance of getting free information thus increasing the chance of losing, very strong hands must be played.

Then with starting hands, only the good ones must be played. It is a big mistake to play starting hands that are known to be not good, to be bad. It is just going to be a waste of time, effort and even chance of winning.

If you are into playing Texas Holdem and you want to succeed with it, consider everything we have said about position and starting hands. You can also turn everything into reality, apply what you have learned. Texas Holdem is like any other varieties, it is beatable, but of course some good tactics must be applied.

You have nothing to lose if you will play the right hands for certain position and put at stake your time, effort and chance of winning for good starting hands, you will make it with Texas Holdem.

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