The Liga Asobal

Liga AsobalSpain, aside from being one of the most successful countries when it comes to the sport handball, is also one of the most productive when it comes to bringing forth some incredible leagues of handball. In fact, Spain has this one premier professional handball league which is called the Liga Asobal, and which has been present for decades.

Well yes, the Liga Asobal is a one great handball league of Spain. And so far, it is one of the most significant leagues when it comes to handball.

The Liga Asobal was actually founded in 1958 and was originally named as Division de Honor. It was only in 1990 that it was officially called by people by its current name.

For decades, the Liga Asobal is played under the European Handball Federation (EHF) rules. And it has been made up of 16 teams, including the likes of FC Barcelona Handbol, Portland San Antonio, Teka Cantabria, BM Ciudad Real, Caja España Ademar de León, BM Valladolid and BM Granollers.

Also, the Liga Asobal was already graced by the presence of some well known players such as Jackson Richardson, Mikhail Yakimovich, Talant Dujshebaev, Staffan Olsson, Oleg Kisselev, Alberto Urdiales and Mateo Garralda.

No doubt, the handball league of Spain, the Liga Asobal, is a one fascinating handball league that handball players and fans and even bettors should not dare to miss. It has a rich history and still continues to set records. For sure, it is still up for change, for the better, just for the welfare of everyone who has been supporting it for decades.

Hence, handball players and fans and even bettors who want to get a one of a kind handball experience should consider the Liga Asobal. They can just check out sportsbooks or bookmakers like for an instance Bwin, that now covers the said handball league.

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