The Goodness of Knowing the Expected Value of a Hand

At Bwin, everything is provided. Now under its Poker School, there is a great tool available and it is called the “Statistics Viewer”.

So what statistics does the great tool shows? Well the great tool shows EV statistics, EV is the shorthand for Expected Value. In Poker, Expected Value is a statistical measurement that basically displays the average value a hand, for example a starting hand.

The great tool is something that poker players, most especially poker players at Bwin, must be thankful for. It is really helpful. Through the statistics it shows, estimates of the expected value for a hand say a starting hand in various situations can be known. The estimates are reliable as they are based on millions of hands from the poker servers at Bwin.

The figures will show average winnings in big bets per hand. So for example Ace-King has an EV of 1.73, it means it is expected to win 1.73 of big bets. And at $5/$10 tables, it will have value of $17.3.

It is good to know what is the average value of a hand, for an instance a starting hand. Ahead of time, it will be known if it is a good one or else a bad. If you are a poker player yourself, better take advantage of the great tool only available at Bwin. It is a big help, it can make winning possibilities clearer and more understandable. And nothing to worry, it is reliable. But of course, we might just don’t know, maybe you’ve been taking advantage of it for some time now. You’ve been enjoying the benefits of having it around. Just for the reason that you are on this site and reading this article, you might be playing at Bwin and have already known the great tool, good for you!

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