The FIVB World Championships

FIVBThe FIVB World Championships, or for some, the Volleyball World Championship, is an indoor volleyball competition for men and women. It is considered as the most significant of all the international events handled by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball or FIVB.

The event is often taught as the Volleyball World Cup or the FIVB World League/FIVB World Grand Prix, but then it is actually a unique league on its own. It is a distinct league. It must not be confused with some other popular events.

Well, the FIVB World Championships started in 1950′s. To be exact, its first edition mainly for men took place in 1956. Early on, it was dominated by Europeans.

The first few editions of FIVB World Championships for men were won by the players from Soviet Union. The ones from Czechoslovakia were the closest rivals of those from Soviet Union way back then in the early years of the championships. In 1970, the players from East Germany broken the stiff competition between players from the two countries, Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, by prevailing in the 1970 championships.

While the first few editions of FIVB World Championships for women were dominated by Europeans and Asians.

The Soviets were still the first winners of the championships for women. They won the games in the years 1952, 1956, and 1960.

Just like the other volleyball events, the FIVB World Championships is also rich when it comes to its history. It has been around for decades and it will continue to be present in decades to come. It will record more and more volleyball champions from various countries.

Thus, dare not to consider the FIVB World Championships if you are just in search for possible events to follow, or to place your bets at. It is truly a one great volleyball event you will love.

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