The EHF Cup

EHFEurope has always been into the sport handball and so it is not surprising if it is now very active bringing forth some action through the handball leagues, like in particular, the EHF Cup which is an official competition for men’s handball clubs of Europe. The league is held every year.

Well, the leagues take place in Europe and have been under Europe’s sports organization, the European Handball Federation (EHF). It is a special organization of 49 member federations and one associated member (Kosovo). Since the early 1990′s, it has been administering European handball leagues, and just one of which is the EHF Cup.

So far, all of the leagues taking place in Europe have been successful. And the EHF Cup specifically, has been one of the much awaited yearly leagues of handball players and fans and even of bettors wagering on the sport handball.

Europe made it to make a name in handball. But then, it is not only because the country has contribution to the sport because of these handball leagues, but mainly also because of portraying both roles of a player and a host. We can’t deny the fact that Europe has been one of the most successful participant in various handball leagues but also a notable host, a distinguished administrator, of certain handball leagues.

You should check out EHF Cup and the rest that Europe offers if you’re a handball player or a fan yourself, or may be even a bettor wagering on the sport. All of Europe’s leagues are leagues that shouldn’t be missed by people who are into handball, may it be for play and for fun or for money making.

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