The EHF Champions League

EHF Champions LeagueThe Champions League that handball players and fans and even bettors typically associate with the sport handball is actually the EHF Champions League. It is indeed Europe’s finest club handball league, and which has been present for decades as well, just like the other popular handball leagues.

The league was founded earlier than the Liga Asobal, it was founded between 1956-1957. And since its foundation, has been administered by the European Handball Federation (EHF).

The European Handball Federation (EHF) has been managing European handball leagues since the early 1990′s, and one of which of course is the EHF Champions League. It is an organization of 49 member federations and one associated member (Kosovo).

Because of being present for decades, the EHF Champions League managed to develop handball teams, including FC Barcelona Handbol, VfL Gummersbach, BM Ciudad Real, SKA Minsk and SC Magdeburg. Indeed, these teams have reached their fullest potential because of the league just being around.

Countries like Spain, Germany, Croatia, Romania and Czech Republic have also made their mark in the sport through the EHF Champions League. Good things it was created and succeeded against the odds to be able to help handball teams as well as countries to have a name in one of the most loved sports.

The EHF is truly a one distinct handball league. It is also the kind of league that handball players and fans and even bettors should not miss. It has brilliant participating teams, countries, that have always been up for any kind of handball challenge.

If you are a handball player or a fan, or may be a bettor wagering on handball, dare not to consider the EHF Champions League as a handball league option. It is a handball league you will surely not regret opting for no matter what your reason of being into handball is.

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