The 250cc Class

250cc ClassThere is only one class of premier championship of motorcycle road racing left to be discussed after the MotoGP and the 125cc class were actually discussed and this is the 250cc class.

Well, the 250cc class is the class considered as secondary, the intermediate class.

In such class, the motorbike that riders can actually use to race must have 250cc engine. This engine has twin cylinders and just far different from the engine that can be used for MotoGP which has four cylinders.

Many racing enthusiasts have been actually fond of the 250cc class. However, because of some factors, 250cc class was decided some time in the past to be replaced in 2010 by a new class called Moto2 which would require motorbikes with 600cc engine.

However, the racing enthusiasts won’t miss the 250cc class that much as the Moto2 will surely be as good as the said class. It will be replaced by something that has the potential to actually become a class that is well liked and well loved.

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