Taking Advantage of Bwin’s Wide Range of Tournaments

Bwin has a wide range of tournaments and indeed the tournaments are a big part of the website’s promotions and events. Basically, the tournaments are in wide range for the reason that they come in variations. There are versions of them just like Freeroll, King Of The Hill, Scheduled, Sit & Go, Rebuy & Add-on, Freezeout, Turbo, Guaranteed, Added Cash, Cannonball, Winner Takes All, Qualifiers, Hybrid, Side Prize Pool, Restricted, Big Stack, and Antes.

Freeroll are tournaments that are absolutely free to enter and yet can really reward players through real money. They are risk-free tournaments.

King of the Hill are tournaments that bridge the gap between qualifier tournaments and cash tournaments. With them, it is not possible to buy-in directly to any of the “steps” but it is acceptable to enter at any level desired mainly through the three “feeder” events beginning at a buy-in of 1+0.20.

Scheduled are tournaments that begin at a specified time. Prizes they could offer and amount of spots paid would depend on the number of participants.

Sit & Go are tournaments that do have fixed prize pool. They are the most available among all tournaments.

Rebuy & Add-on are tournaments that give chance to busted players to buy-in again. They also offer a one-time only add-on after the re-buy period is finished.

Freezeout are tournaments that do not allow re-buys or add-ons. With them, players who lose all of their chips can’t re-enter and play again.

Turbo are tournaments that are believed to be fast and exciting. They have blind levels that increase faster compared to that of others.

Guaranteed are tournaments that have a certain guaranteed prize pool. With them, number of participants won’t matter.

Added Cash are tournaments that offer regular prize pool with added value. Normally, added value is considered as extra juice to play for.

Cannonball are tournaments that are one of a kind. They are the product of combining Turbo and Regular tournaments.

Winner Takes All are tournaments that give what is right for a winner. Winner would just to take it all.

Qualifiers are tournaments where riches begins. They can turn a small deposit into thousands of dollars.

Hybrid are tournaments that give importance to both cash and tickets. They pay out a winner in both cash and tickets.

Side Prize Pool are tournaments where there are several ways of winning money. For knocking out a certain player, special money can be won.

Restricted are tournaments that set some requirements to entrants. Requirements normally include player points.

Big stack are tournaments that offer a lot of chips and long blind levels. They make up what is called Big Stack Poker.

Antes are tournaments that provide more action and bigger pots. They are one of the best.

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