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Finally Play at Big Bounty

Be richer and be famous, finally play at Big Bounty. Through our previous articles, we have taught you how to qualify for Big Bounty. Well, it is either you go through Bwin’s qualifying structure or buy-in directly to the event. When you go through Bwin’s qualifying structure, you basically need to play and win at tournaments and then to events right after before you qualify for Big Bounty. When you buy-in directly to the event, you need to have the money to be able to do so. Say you need $93+7, something quite big.

However, we have not taught you how you would find the tournaments or to where you should really go to finally be able to play at Big Bounty. So here’s how:

  • First, open the Bwin Poker Download Client that is most likely now on your desktop.
  • Then, at the top of the lobby, select “Tournaments”.
  • Next, choose a tournament and click “Go to Tournament”. You have the option to either go through Bwin’s qualifying structure or buy-in directly.
  • Finally, click “Register” and wait for the tournament to start.

It is true that you have the option to either go through Bwin’s qualifying structure or buy-in directly. It is all up to you which do you want to opt for. Of course, you can opt for the former and you can also opt for the latter. But we believe there are certain things that you badly need to consider before you make a decision which of the two options to opt for. These include that money you currently have, level of your experience and the skills you can make use of. They matter and they play a role. Generally, they will determine which you must opt for. Nonetheless, you have to consider them.

Be Richer With Bwin’s Promotions and Events

The tournaments we have mentioned before are indeed completely different from the promotions and events at Bwin. Maybe you wi’ll be surprised to know this but it is true, they are and it seems like they will always be. Of course, Bwin wants to offer the best of two worlds to every player.

At this point, the promotions and events at Bwin are really good and they are very much available. Well they include Magic Moments of Poker, Big Bounty and Champion Chip.

Magic Moments of Poker is something that must be taken advantage of. It offers experiences that money can’t buy. One of these experiences is to train with Real Madrid and then with a basketball star.

Big Bounty is where the money and the chance to be known are. With it, there is opportunity to become better in two important aspects – financial and fame.

Champion Chip is where guaranteed prize can be enjoyed. As of the moment, it may be $250, 000 Guaranteed or a Sit & Go. For being $250, 000 Guaranteed, of course it offers a whooping $250,000 however on a weekly basis. For being a Sit & Go, it pays out more than the usual.

You must take advantage of Bwin’s promotions and events if only you are a player yourself. They can make you richer, thus dare not to miss them. Check them out.

But naturally, Bwin’s promotions and events come with a price. Often they have buy-in but don’t worry too much as it is affordable and reasonable. You won’t have any problem about it.

See for yourself what are actually available under Bwin’s section promotions and events. Know for yourself what can the great website offer to you. Eventually, you will be surprised with what you will see and what you will know.

Get Satisfaction at Antes of Bwin

In the past, through one of our previous articles, we have shared to people like you that Antes are tournaments that provide more action and bigger pots and that they one of the best kinds of tournaments to ever graced in poker casinos, websites, and the likes. Well, everything is actually true, at this point we still don’t have any reason not to say so.

No doubt, Antes are the tournaments to play at most especially for more action and bigger pots and in general for the best kind of playing experience. Of course they ask for antes, these are a set or predetermined amount that must be placed into the pot by each player involved in the game before the cards are actually dealt. Amount must not count towards stake of anyone in the first betting round not just like with that of the blinds. Nonetheless, antes must be used in association with the blinds in the later tournaments. This must be the case so to create action on players who may try to have tight playing style and lengthen the tournament.

When you play at Antes, you need to adhere to the things we have just mentioned. But of course, it would just be something that is so easy for you most especially if you are well-experienced.

If interested about playing at Antes, dare not to visit Bwin. At this point, Bwin has made Antes very much available. Visit the website as soon as you can, you should not be wasting any more time. Antes are the tournaments to play at.

Just to mention this to you, your experience of playing poker online won’t ever be complete until you have played at Antes of Bwin. Check them out and make the most out of them being very much available.

Have a Diverse Playing Experience at Big Stack Tournaments

Yes, big stack tournaments are tournaments that offer a lot of chips and long blind levels and generally they bring into the scene what is called as big stack poker. Well at these tournaments, you can get a diverse playing experience, you will enjoy.

Basically, big stack tournaments will require a much larger stack than normal, thus will have long blind levels and so will last longer. No doubt, you will have distinct playing experience at these tournaments as you will have really interesting plays without any risk of being busted out the most part.

For sure, you want to have a totally different playing experience, so big stack tournaments are tournaments that are also for you. Hence, you should not miss them. With them, you will have the experience that you will love.

Currently, big stack tournaments are very much available at Bwin. And to let you know, the said website is also very much available, it can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check them out at Bwin.

However, in case you forget, we would like to remind you that there is challenge as well as risk involved with entering at big stack tournaments. There is challenge because obviously you need to have well-established bankroll to be able to have a big stack and then play at the said tournaments. And there is risk because there is possibility of losing everything that you will put at stake.

But of course, the challenge as well as the risk are worth taking. At big stack tournaments, not only you will get the kind of experience that you love but for sure you will also get the prize that you want. Everything is worth taking and no matter what it takes, it still good to play at the said tournaments.

Conquer Even the Restricted Tournaments

What we have said in our previous article about restricted tournaments is a fact, yes restricted tournaments are tournaments that set some requirements to entrants. Well generally, they just come with a sort of restriction.

Normally, the said requirements that are set by restricted tournaments to entrants has something to do with certain number of player points currently earned, place where currently playing and status say an old member or a new one.

Players who want to enter at restricted tournaments must meet the said requirements. For an instance, the restricted tournaments that they want to enter at, just have requirement of earning a certain number of player points and requirement of playing from European countries, they must meet them or else they won’t be able to play at the said tournaments.

Players who can meet the said requirements will get a special ticket that will allow them to enter. Special ticket will lead them to the tournaments that they want to play at.

Normally, what is at stake at restricted tournament is pretty good. Thus it is worth the try to enter at the said tournaments.

Now, you are probably interested about entering at restricted tournaments. If this is really the case, you don’t have to worry as you can do so. But of course, you have to meet some requirements just like all those that we have shared. Just have patience and determination and you will finally be at the tournaments that you want to be.

Currently, restricted tournaments are very much available at Bwin. And Bwin can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have all the time in the world, you don’t need to be bothered about when to check out the said tournaments. You will find time even you seem to be busy most often.

Have More at Side Prize Pool Tournaments

In one of our previous articles, we have defined side prize pool tournaments as tournaments where there are several ways of winning money. Well yes, now we will still define them like that as it is just so true, they are tournaments where there are several ways of winning money.

Side prize pool tournaments have a regular payout structure, but then they have special prize pool. Such pool will be used to pay out a player or some players based on some accomplishments other than being ultimate winner. These accomplishments are just like busting a certain player called as the Bounty and busting the most players who are in for the game.

Normally, the cash to cover up the special prize pool comes in the form of an added prize or else by dividing the fees and/or the buy-ins into two different prize pools.

If you have the experience and the skills that are tested and proven, you should not miss side prize pool tournaments. Play at these tournaments and you will surely have more than what you can have in regular tournaments. Maybe you can bust out a certain player called as the Bounty or else bust the most players who are in for the game.

When you play at tournaments just like side prize pool tournaments, you can eventually work on your bankroll as you can really have more than what you can have in regular tournaments. Once you are able to do so, you can continuously play in other tournaments that you love.

Check out side prize pool tournaments at Bwin. At the great website, they are very much available. Take advantage of this, the said tournaments are the tournaments to play at. You can make the most out them if you just wish to.

Enjoy the Riches at Qualifiers

Qualifiers are tournaments where the riches can be found. Thus, make the most out of this chance to get to enjoy these riches at the said tournaments. For sure, you want to be able to work on your bankroll.

Well, playing at qualifiers is one of the best things that you can do with regards to your poker career. Nonetheless, playing at qualifiers is one of the great means to turn a small deposit into thousands of dollars. Thus, make this happen, exert the effort.

However, we are ought to make everything clear to you. For the most part, you must not get the idea of winning cash at qualifiers. Of course, it is true that by playing at the said tournaments, you will get the chance to turn a small deposit of yours into thousands of dollars, but things go differently. The said tournaments offer tickets as prizes, instead of cash. You can use the tickets to enter at other great tournaments where you can actually turn a small deposit of yours into thousands of dollars.

Qualifiers can actually give away many tickets just in one day. But the total amount of prize pool is something to be greatly considered. Number of tickets that can be given away say in one day will be determined by dividing up the prize pool into as many tickets as possible. For an instance, the prize pool amounted to $500 and say each ticket has a value of $100, most likely, 5 tickets can be handed over to players. Nevertheless, top 5 players will get a ticket.

But just to mention, it is possible to have any leftover cash as the total amount of prize pool is not always just right to the number of tickets that can be given away. When this happens, leftover cash will be paid out to best placed player who was not able to get himself or herself a ticket.

Try to Still Make it at Freezeout Tournaments

Yes, freezeout tournaments are tournaments that do not allow rebuy or add-on; we have said this in one of our previous article and this is true. Well they are considered as the exact opposite of rebuy & add-on tournaments, that to just make your remember, are tournaments that allow rebuy or add-on. Specifically, they allow players who lose all of their chips bought beforehand to buy back within a period of time and also allow players to make add-on for one-time only after the re-buy period is over.

At freezeout tournaments, no player will be allowed to buy back though chips are not enough or actually run out. Nonetheless, no player will be allowed to “re-enter” and play again after getting lost in terms of chips.

Most of the tournament kinds have such rule of not allowing rebuy & add-on. Thus, most of the tournament kinds are considered as freezeout tournaments, unless anything else is stated, they will be considered as is. May it be scheduled or Sit & Go tournaments, unless if they are declared as something else, will be considered as freezeout tournaments.

In general, it is not easy to play at freezeout tournaments. Most often, at the said tournaments it is hard to win, it is hard to make money. Chips do run out and it is really tough to continue if they do finally and there is no chance to rebuy or add-on. It is really challenging to play at the said tournaments.

But on the good side, because of the great challenge that comes along with them, freezeout tournaments seem in favor to balance things out and so offer some really good prizes. Nevertheless, there is still reason to play at the said tournaments. It may be challenging to do so, yet it may be also rewarding to do so.

Make Money at Sit & Go Tournaments

Make money at Sit & Go tournaments and you will go a long way in your poker career. When you can finally make money at Sit & Go tournaments, you can then work on your bankroll and eventually you will be able to play at any other kinds of tournaments that seem to pay a lot more.

Well, Sit & Go tournaments are perhaps the most available tournaments at Bwin. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the great poker website. Normally, as one Sit & Go tournament starts, another of similar tournament becomes open. Thus, there is no reason why you can’t play at the said tournaments even though you seem to be always busy with things going on.

However, Sit & Go tournaments do not often start instantly as it can only start as soon as fixed number of players have signed up for them. By record, the number of players to sign range from two to hundreds.

But still, Sit & Go tournaments are the tournaments to play at. Most especially the Double or Nothing Sit & Go tournaments, they can pay you back with your buy-in in double and with you just trying to end up being one of the best players in return. Mad Tilt Sit & Go tournaments are also great. They offer different kind of experience to players who believe they are on tilt. With them, some steam can be blown off. They are fast-paced Blitz tournaments where 100 chips can be just given away and blinds just start at 10-20.

If you are in search for tournaments to play at, dare not to consider Sit & Go tournaments, all of their variations. Playing at these tournaments will mean nothing but great chance of becoming richer in no time. So, consider the said tournaments now!

Try Your Luck at Scheduled Tournaments

Why not try your luck at scheduled tournaments? Scheduled tournaments are tournaments where money can be found. For sure, you want the idea of getting money particularly for your bankroll, thus trying your luck at the said tournaments is a good idea.

Scheduled tournaments would always start at a specified time, at a designated time. Well yes, they are tournaments that are scheduled.

But aside from always starting at a specified time, at a designated time, they would also always offer prizes and spots being paid but everything would depend on the number of entrants.

You can really benefit from playing at scheduled tournaments. At these tournaments, you may or you may not be lucky. But as long as you will give your best while on play, you have great chances of making it. Know for yourself why, register and play at scheduled tournaments.

Presently, scheduled tournaments are open for registration between 1 hour and up to a week before the start of the tournaments. If you think it is possible that you become unsure at some point after registering, don’t worry as you can unregister yourself but you just have to do it before the start of the tournaments.

Check out scheduled tournaments at Bwin. They are great tournaments that seem like doors that could lead you to riches. The more participants they have, the better their prizes are and the more the spots they are able to get paid. Thus, try your luck at scheduled tournaments at Bwin. Do so as there is no other good way of getting money for your bankroll and your bankroll must be worked out as soon as possible. Nevertheless, your bankroll is the ultimate weapon that you can use to keep on going in the path you’ve been wanting to take as far as poker is concerned. | 2012