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The Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand PrixIt is true that the Australian Grand Prix is one of the examples of the series of races that make up a Formula 1 season. And likewise, it is one of the series of races that will make up the 2010 Formula 1 season.

The Australian Grand Prix is truly one of the most notable series of races today. Not only it has been active for many years, has been a part of a Formula 1 season, but also has maintained its potential as a grand prix and so now will actually be a part of the 2010 Formula 1 season.

The Australian Grand Prix has been around for 82 years and the likes of Lex Davison and Michael Schumacher were the dominant racers in these years. Each has four victories. While when it comes to dominant constructors, the likes of Ferrari and McLaren were the ones to be mentioned. Each has ten victories.

It is not yet known if Lex Davison and Michael Schumacher, and Ferrari and McLaren, will again make history by dominating the Australian Grand Prix for 82 years starting this year 2010. Naturally, we still don’t know now if they will. But it might also be the likes of Bill Thompson, Doug Whiteford, Jack Brabham, Graham McRae, and Roberto Moreno for the racers and the likes of Williams, Cooper and Bugatti for the constructors which all have been achievers in the Australian Grand Prix.

Soon we will know what the Australian Grand Prix has in store for us as an answer. In no time we will know if the leading racers for 82 years will make another history or the next ones in the ranks will. For now, let us just all wait and see. Let us just keep ourselves updated on the latest happenings on this year’s as well as the following years’ Australian Grand Prix. | 2012