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Bets Ending in a Draw and Regular Season Points

Ice Hockey BettingBefore in some games, certain bets ended in a draw and at the same time no odds were offered. The bets were questionable then and players who placed them were greatly troubled. Such happening indeed caused some troubles, the sport went through challenging times. Thus, it is not surprising why some rules regarding it were actually created. Things must be in order and any happening that is dubious must be dealt with accordingly.

Bets can actually be in forms like moneyline, total or handicap. Bets in any form and ending in a draw with no odds being offered for such option must be considered as void. This rule should be applied in every ice hockey game or event.

Moneyline, total or handicap bets that will end in a draw with no odds offered should be deemed as void, unless otherwise said.

Certain rules were also created in the past that have something to do with regular season points that also caused some troubles in some games before. These rules like the one discussed should also be known by players.

First, with regular season points, all of the teams should play all regular season games in order for the bets to stand. In case the season is shortened, all of the bets should be considered as void. Reason will not matter. However, in case the highest possible option is attained before the season is shortened, all of the bets will stand. Highest possible option being attained is definitely a factor.

As an ice hockey player, you need to understand fully what such kind of rules try to imply to you and your co-players. Make it big with ice hockey. Just do what you have to do and you will be glad with what you will eventually reap. Just be successful with your sport.

Goalbet and Nominated Finalists

Goal BetIt is inevitable to not have problems with regards to goalbet and even nominated finalists. Therefore, people concerned formulated rules that have something to do with these. They are actually just basic rules but then they can keep things in order and prevent such problems from occurring.

First thing, with the goalbet or the correct score, in case the final result is outside offered outcomes, all of the bets will be considered as “lost”. This rule should be applied in every ice hockey game or event.

Then next thing, with the nominated finalists, they should be like players or teams that rightfully make up the final no matter what they have gone through just to be where they are at certain point, even including what they have gone through with the governing bodies. They should be like real participants in a one very important event.

Players who are into ice hockey should be really familiar of such rules. They need to do well playing their sport. Every single detail as long as has something to do with the sport, they must know.

Most probably, you are into ice hockey yourself. Thus, get to know such rules. Understand what they try to tell you and all other players like you. For an instance with the goalbet or the correct score, if ever the final result is outside offered outcomes, what will actually happen particularly with all of the bets. Well as you know by now, they will be considered as “lost”. Other rules of similar kind are rules that you need to be familiar with.

If you need to go over such kind of rules often, do so if it will make your chances on conquering your sport better. It will be just a little effort from your part, for sure you won’t mind doing it for the sake of becoming successful on your sport.

Winner of 1st, 2nd or 3rd Period and Division Champions

Winner of 1st PeriodIn the past, there were problems involving winner of 1st,2nd or 3rd period and even Division Champions that actually occurred and they caused chaos among players. Thus, it is important to put into consideration how to resolve these problems. Good thing rules that could help accomplish this were created. Every player should of course be familiar of these rules.

Well, first and foremost, only the goals that are scored within the nominated period that should count. This rule should be applied in every ice hockey game or event. And unless otherwise stated, for the outcome of the 3rd period, overtime should not count.

Then, with Division Champions, if ever the season is shortened, regardless of the reason, bets should be settled based on the Division Champion proclaimed by the respective governing body. This rule should be also applied in every ice hockey game or event.

Most likely, you are fond of ice hockey and it is may be one of the sports that you are into right now. In this connection, you need to know and naturally understand what the said rules are trying to convey to you and to other players with similar interest like yours as far as sport is concerned.

You’re most probably into ice hockey just for fun and excitement. But you need to realize that it is important that you do your part in keeping everything organize with regards to your sport. You won’t just play in an ice hockey game or event for the purpose of playing, to have fun and experience adrenalin rush because of excitement. You will have to play accordingly. You will have to play uprightly in order to have everything in place, no chaos or whatsoever among players in the game or event. Think of what the rules try to say.

Date and First Player to Score

Ice Hockey EventEven with the date and first player to score, there were issues before. Well, it is actually inevitable for issues not to arise from even small things. Some things take place and can just trigger these issues to rise up.

With the date, before, some events were not pushed through on the scheduled date they were supposed to and for these events there were already some bets involved. And with first player to score, a player did not entered the field of play before the first goal was scored and there were bets placed on the said player then.

All events should actually be played on the scheduled date and even venue so for the bets at hand to indeed stand, most especially for events belonging to American Ice Hockey which include the NHL, WHL, AHL UHL, OHL and Quebec Major Junior hockey league. If ever any of the events be postponed, all bets should be considered as void.

Then, the first goal should be scored, in case a player has not entered the field of play before it happens, player should be considered as a “non-runner” and so all of the bets placed on him should be considered as void. Overtime doesn’t count.

The rules that have something to do with date of events and first player to score are rules that you need to be familiar with. They are rules that will keep things in order, rules that if you know what they try to imply will help you become successful as far as betting on ice hockey is concerned. Better be familiar with them, get to know what they try to tell people like you. For sure you want to succeed on betting on ice hockey. You are up to something for sure. Just a little effort from you will do.

Playing Time and 2-Way Bets

Ice Hockey Playing TimeYes, the special rules that we’ve discussed in our previous article have something to do about resolving issues on things like playing time and 2-way bets. In the past, some events under certain leagues were filled with problems involving things just really like playing time and 2-way bets. Thus, rules to resolve these problems were formulated, were created, to keep everything in order and to make every ice hockey event more organized without problem.

Basically, with playing time, in case the match is abandoned before the official outcome, the result should only be considered official after 55 minutes of play for American Ice Hockey and 60 minutes of play for Non American Ice Hockey.

American Ice Hockey includes popular leagues like the NHL, WHL, AHL UHL, OHL and Quebec Major Junior hockey league.

The rule applies to all types of bets, unless otherwise stated.

While with regards to 2-way bets, all of which should be settled on the final result including Overtime and Penalty Shout-outs. The rule applies at any instance, unless otherwise stated.

As someone who will be betting on one event of one league, it is important that you know such rules. May be, you are already doing so at this point in time. Thus, the more important for you to be well familiar with the said rules.

It is either you want to have fun or earn some money that is why you wanted to bet on one event of one league. Your reason will not really matter eventually, but you just need to know what are the things you are obliged to do. You want to achieve something, thus, exert the effort to really get to know such rules. Know what they try to imply and you’ll get what you want.

Considering the Special Rules for Betting on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey BettingYou can bet on ice hockey now if you want. There are a lot of leagues that you can check out for some events to where you can place your bets. You can check out events under the National Hockey League or the NHL, including the playoffs and the Stanley Cup, and even under the NCAA College, the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships or the IIHF World Championships, Olympic Games and European leagues like the Super League and the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) or German Ice Hockey League.

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There is no problem with regards to betting on ice hockey even now if you desire. But then, you may also realized that there are rules that it obliges you to be familiar with.

Well, there are common or general rules set for all sports being covered. But there are specific rules intended only for one sport, like ice hockey. These are special rules that you need to get to know, that you need to consider.

The said special rules are most likely just about playing time; 2-way bets; date; first player to score; winner of 1st, 2nd or 3rd period; division champions; goalbet; nominated finalists; regular season points; “Grand Salami”/NHL; and 2- or 5-minute penalties awarded in a period.

Before you finally make your bet on one of the events under one league, be sure to get to know first what the rules mean, what they require you to do. Betting on one of the events under one league is as easy as counting 1-2-3, but to be successful on it, is not as easy. You need to know what are the things that you need to do.

The Ice Hockey Super League

Super LeagueThe Ice Hockey Super League or just simply known as the Super League is one of the great leagues that ice hockey offer. Way back in 1998, it was called as the Sekonda Ice Hockey Superleague because of sponsorship rights. It then became a top-level professional ice hockey league in the United Kingdom until 2003, replacing the equally popular league Premier Division of the British Hockey League.

At this point, the league has definitely attracted a lot of ice hockey and betting enthusiasts, male or female, young or old. So many hearts and minds have been captured by this one extraordinary league. Love for ice hockey has been overflowing.

We can remember that in the past, the league’s final competitions were greatly supported by families that just enjoy the excitement and fun that the sport offer. It became a good tool for everyone to enjoy ice hockey.

But then nothing in this world is perfect. It had to face some challenges to continue existing. Good thing, despite of all the odds, it was able to produce some really good products – Cardiff Devils in 1996–97, Ayr Scottish Eagles in 1997–98, Manchester Storm in 1998–99, Bracknell Bees in 1999–00, Sheffield Steelers in 2000–01 and then 2002-03, and Belfast Giants in 2001–02.

The Ice Hockey Super League or just simply known as the Super League has been a great league indeed, giving everyone the chance to enjoy ice hockey differently. A lot of ice hockey and even betting enthusiasts became happy because of its presence in the ice hockey scenes. It is great that it was created, formulated.

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Olympic Games

Olympic Games Ice HockeySince 1920, ice hockey tournaments have been staged at the Olympic Games. It was at the 1920 Summer Olympics where the men’s tournament was introduced but then was decided to be staged at the Winter Olympic Games in 1924. While it was at the 1998 Winter Olympics where the women’s tournament was first held.

Well, the Olympic Games were supposedly created for amateur athletes only. Until in 1998, when the NHL players and that of other men’s professional leagues’ were not allowed to play in the said games

Since 1976, number of teams allowed to participate in the Olympic Games is as many as 12 teams, basically for the men’s tournament. Just in exception in the Olympic Games in 1998 and 2002, when the number even reached 14.

For the record, the number of teams has actually ranged from 4 in 1932 to 16 in 1964. Countries that belong to the so-called the “Big Six” were granted an instant qualification and byes to the final round after the NHL permitted its players to play in 1998. They include Canada, Finland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden and the United States.

Ice hockey tournaments staged at the Olympic Games are truly the ice hockey games that ice hockey fans should follow and ice hockey games where bettors should place their bets at. They are great tournaments that can invite a lot of people interested about ice hockey and betting at the same time. They can offer the best ice hockey and betting experience to these ice hockey and betting enthusiasts.

Most likely, you are also an enthusiast of ice hockey and betting yourself, thus, the ice hockey tournaments staged at the Olympic Games are no doubt for you to check out. These games can surely feel you complete as far as ice hockey and betting are on the line.

IIHF World Championships

IIHFThe IIHF World Championships are a part of the best to offer by the International Ice Hockey Federation or simply abbreviated as IIHF. A yearly ice hockey tournament that a lot of ice hockey and betting enthusiasts love, no doubt remains to be an event that is one of the most popular.

Officially, the IIHF World Championships was first held in 1920 at the Summer Olympics. It is ice hockey’s top profile annual international tournament. It was created in 1908 during the European Championships.

The format of the IIHF World Championships also went through innovations or improvements. Currently, it features 16 teams in the championship group, 12 teams in division I and 12 teams in division II. In care there over 40 teams, the rest should play in the remaining division, the division III. And the present format requires teams in the championships to compete in a preliminary and qualifying round, then the top eight teams compete in the playoff medal round and the winning team of course is recognized as the World Champion.

It seems that IIHF World Championships can really draw a large size of participants. Thus, it is an event that we all you should not miss. Most especially for someone like you who is into ice hockey and betting at the same time, it is an event for you. It can just provide you the level and amount of action that can really make you feel satisfied having your sport and your activity that allows you to have little fun.

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NHL Stanley Cup

Stanley-cupNHL is one of the leagues with the most elegant trophy to award to champions. Ever since, it has the Stanley Cup, considered as the oldest, one of the most refined professional sports trophy in North America.

The Stanley Cup, is sometimes called as The Cup, The Holy Grail or even the Lord Stanley’s Cup. NHL awards it to the league’s playoff champion at the end of every season.

The Stanley Cup itself has been greatly involved with some traditions and even legends, which the oldest has something to do with the memorable drinking of champagne out of the cup in celebration by the winning team. And not to forget, that it is like no other. It is not like the trophies awarded by other major sports leagues of North America that are made every year. It has been held in possession by various league champions.

Yes, the Stanley Cup is to be passed by one league champion to another league champion. And so for this, at this point, it has already a lot of names of winning players, coaches, management, and club staff engraved on its chalice nonetheless.

The Stanley Cup is definitely not a league by nature. It is a trophy awarded by one league – the NHL. However, it is often considered as one most especially by people new to ice hockey and even betting.

Of course, we want to set everything straight. If you are enthusiast of ice hockey or a betting, you should not desire to choose Stanley Cup over NHL or other similar leagues as it is indeed not a league. It is a trophy, that is just really worth chasing for.

Choose NHL over other similar leagues and you’ll get a chance to win the very much coveted Stanley Cup. And naturally in the process, have the best betting experience of your life. | 2012