Poker to the Next Level

Yes, poker now is to the next level only at Bwin. A new poker client is now on track and trying to bring poker to the next level. Players at Bwin will get the chance to have more fun and rewarding poker experiences.

Bwin is so proud of the new poker client. It will offer smoother visuals while bringing in incomparable playability. It has some wonderful new features. They indeed include:  resizable tables, direct seating function, lobby filters, tournament lobby information, enhanced content panel, Sit & Go queues, downloadable Mac Client, and ante tournaments.

The most notable among all features mentioned are the first three – the resizable tables, direct seating function and lobby filters. With resizable tables, players now have the chance to adjust the size of the tables depending on their preference and eventually get even better multi-table experiences. With direct seating function, players can now browse the tables of their choice and then pick from them what they think would be best for them. Good thing players need not to open every tables of their choice. And finally, with lobby filters, players can have an overview of all games on offer and then quickly and easily view and select the tables they like. Settings can be adjusted simply anytime.

Bwin is truly one of the few that has been trying to bring everything to the next level so players would really enjoy. The new poker client released by the site is just one of the mediums used to achieve own pursuit. Hopefully there are more to come for Bwin, but for now the important thing is it is just doing better and better. Players should check out the site now. Poker now is to the next level only at Bwin! It is really incomparable, it is truly an amazing one.

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