On the Actual Online Play

You need to come up with a choice between using Quick Seat or using Table Selection so you can proceed to the actual online play. In the event you choose to use Quick Seat, you will be automatically seated after you selected your limits and stakes. In the event you choose to use Table Selection, you will be brought to the seat selection screen after you selected your limits and stakes and at the same time the number of players you want to play against with.

So you can finally have a seat, make use of the joystick; it will let you move around the table. Then you will be settled to a position of your choice, just enter the amount of money you want to bring to the table to start the action. Again make use of the joystick, you actually have to press it to the right or left to increase/decrease the amount of money. You can also make use of the number keys to directly enter exact figures and just press Fire then to confirm.

You will be on the actual online play as soon as you set everything right. After which, you will have to deal with the table. You will have your own turns to act. When they come, you can bet, raise, call, check or fold. Press number key 3 to bet or raise, press number key 1 to call or check, and just use the joystick to highlight the option Fold and then press Fire so to fold.

Of course, showdown will take place after action is done. But it will reveal winning hand differently, it will be unusual. The hand will actually be just highlighted and will be followed by a text summary of how good it is in the game.

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