Olympic Games

Olympic Games Ice HockeySince 1920, ice hockey tournaments have been staged at the Olympic Games. It was at the 1920 Summer Olympics where the men’s tournament was introduced but then was decided to be staged at the Winter Olympic Games in 1924. While it was at the 1998 Winter Olympics where the women’s tournament was first held.

Well, the Olympic Games were supposedly created for amateur athletes only. Until in 1998, when the NHL players and that of other men’s professional leagues’ were not allowed to play in the said games

Since 1976, number of teams allowed to participate in the Olympic Games is as many as 12 teams, basically for the men’s tournament. Just in exception in the Olympic Games in 1998 and 2002, when the number even reached 14.

For the record, the number of teams has actually ranged from 4 in 1932 to 16 in 1964. Countries that belong to the so-called the “Big Six” were granted an instant qualification and byes to the final round after the NHL permitted its players to play in 1998. They include Canada, Finland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden and the United States.

Ice hockey tournaments staged at the Olympic Games are truly the ice hockey games that ice hockey fans should follow and ice hockey games where bettors should place their bets at. They are great tournaments that can invite a lot of people interested about ice hockey and betting at the same time. They can offer the best ice hockey and betting experience to these ice hockey and betting enthusiasts.

Most likely, you are also an enthusiast of ice hockey and betting yourself, thus, the ice hockey tournaments staged at the Olympic Games are no doubt for you to check out. These games can surely feel you complete as far as ice hockey and betting are on the line.

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