Number of Moves and Tournament Winner

It is true that chess is a one famous board game. It is indeed a two-player board game and typically played on a chessboard. A lot of people nowadays are very much into the game most especially because it is even possible to bet on the said game with help of some sportsbooks or bookmakers.

People these days can bet on chess, on chess matches, with help of a sportsbook or bookmaker like Bwin. They will be provided with some good odds and then later will have the opportunity to simply place some bets. However, it is also true that with Bwin there will be some rules for them to deal with when they finally bet. There will be the general rules and the special rules for betting on chess. And the latter will also be taking precedence over the former. They also need to deal with it. But there is nothing complicated even with the special rules for betting on chess. They should not worry betting through Bwin.

Even the special rules for betting on chess they are only about things that have something to do with chess like for an instance number of moves in a match and tournament winner. Those who will be betting on chess, on the chess events, and through Bwin will not find dealing with everything a problem.

The thing with the number of moves in a match, with all the bets on the number of moves, the moves must be played after the “White” made a move for the bets to be valid. This must be the case unless otherwise stated.

And the thing with the tournament winner, if ever 2 or more players completed the tournament with same points the bets must be settled on the player named as the tournaments’ winner by governing body. This is also applicable to bets on “Group Winner”.

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