NCAA College Ice Hockey

NCAA HockeyNCAA College ice hockey refers to the College hockey that has American ice hockey competitive structure that is actually established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association or simply known as NCAA. There are three national division involved – divisions I, II and III that are indeed open for teams of men and even women. Most of the teams play in division I and III which both hold national championships.

The teams that play are normally brought to conferences, which then makes themselves classified within one of the athletic divisions of the NCAA. The division I can be considered as the division that offers the least number of ice hockey events because of the number of colleges involved, thus the teams falling under the said division can only play in special hockey-only conferences that are not connected with the primary athletic conferences of their member schools. But colleges in division III can also play in hockey-only conferences.

By rankings, NCAA hockey is still second to junior hockey as pool of talent for hockey players that can be considered as professionals. However, a lot of teams and players of NHL have already played in the NCAA structure.

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