Knowing the Hand Rankings at Bwin

Bwin has it all – promotions, big events, and even poker school. Well the poker school is the one that makes a significant difference. Yes, promotions and big events are important, they make a difference, but they would be nothing if players don’t know the basics of the game and eventually win them over.

The poker school has everything that players need to be well familiar of. It has the game rules for various poker game variations, hand rankings, tips, strategies, and even betting limit information used for different betting structures.

In our previous articles, we’ve shared so much about the game rules for various poker game variations. Now on this article, it’s time to share information about the hand rankings.

Well the hand rankings are the same hand rankings provided in the poker books, poker ebooks, and some poker websites.

The hand rankings go as follows:

  • Royal Straight Flush – the most powerful hand. It is consists of Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of same suit.
  • Straight Flush – a great hand, the next most powerful. It is a straight with all five cards in same suit.
  • Four of a Kind – not behind when it comes to being a powerful hand. It is consists of four cards of any one rank together with one card of any rank.
  • Full House – a winning hand. It is consists of any three of one kind and any pair of another kind.
  • Flush – a hand worth chasing. It is consists of any five cards of same suit, however not in sequence.
  • Three of a Kind – a good hand. It is consists of any three cards of same rank and two other cards that don’t make up a pair and not include fourth card of same rank.
  • One Pair – a hand that has a reasonable potential of winning. It is consists of any two cards of same rank.

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