IIHF World Championships

IIHFThe IIHF World Championships are a part of the best to offer by the International Ice Hockey Federation or simply abbreviated as IIHF. A yearly ice hockey tournament that a lot of ice hockey and betting enthusiasts love, no doubt remains to be an event that is one of the most popular.

Officially, the IIHF World Championships was first held in 1920 at the Summer Olympics. It is ice hockey’s top profile annual international tournament. It was created in 1908 during the European Championships.

The format of the IIHF World Championships also went through innovations or improvements. Currently, it features 16 teams in the championship group, 12 teams in division I and 12 teams in division II. In care there over 40 teams, the rest should play in the remaining division, the division III. And the present format requires teams in the championships to compete in a preliminary and qualifying round, then the top eight teams compete in the playoff medal round and the winning team of course is recognized as the World Champion.

It seems that IIHF World Championships can really draw a large size of participants. Thus, it is an event that we all you should not miss. Most especially for someone like you who is into ice hockey and betting at the same time, it is an event for you. It can just provide you the level and amount of action that can really make you feel satisfied having your sport and your activity that allows you to have little fun.

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