Highest Scoring Quarter and Date of Event

4th QuarterEven for the highest scoring quarter and date itself of a basketball event, there are rules made. Well, such rules are just for the purpose of maintaining orderliness in every event and for the benefit of all basketball and betting enthusiasts.

With regards to the highest scoring quarter, so for it to be actually recognized, all four quarters of a basketball event must be completed. Then, overtime will not count. And if the event is abandoned, all bets will be considered as void unless most points are scored in the 4th quarter at the time abandonment happens.

With regards to the date itself of a basketball event, the type of event will be considered. In case a US Basketball event, then the date itself must be pushed through no matter what. The rule is, for US Basketball, all events must be played on the scheduled date and even venue or else all bets already placed by bettors or punters will be considered as void. In case another kind of event, then the date itself may be restarted. The rule is, for all other Basketball, in case a basketball game is restarted and likewise betting is postponed or cancelled and restarted but within 72 hours, the bets will count for the restarted game.

The said rules are actually dependent on the different kinds of Basketball events or leagues. Thus, it is very important for these to be laid down to every basketball and betting enthusiasts. They are not complex rules, but then they are with some strings attached. Every basketball and betting must get to know them, understand what they are actually all about.

You are lucky that you are able to get to know the said rules and what they are trying to imply. Nevertheless, you are also a basketball and betting enthusiast. You will go a long way.

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