Having Knowledge About Some Hand Nicknames

Even the hand nicknames are provided at Bwin. Yes, it maybe surprising to know but the hands do have nicknames too and these nicknames are often used than the hands’ actual names. They are worth knowing.

  • AA – called as Pocket Rockets, Bullets, and American Airlines.
  • KK – known as Cowboys and King Kong.
  • QQ – popular being Canadian Aces, double date, and Siegfried and Roy.
  • JJ – called as fish hooks.
  • 99 – known as Wayne Gretzky.
  • 88 – popular being snowmen.
  • 77 – called as sunset strip.
  • 66 – known as Route 66.
  • 55 – popular being speed limit.
  • 44 – called as Magnum and sail boat.
  • 33 – known as crabs.
  • 22 – popular being ducks.
  • AK – called as big slick.
  • AQ – known as big chick.
  • AJ – popular being Black Jack and Jack-ass.
  • KQ – called as Royalty and marriage.
  • KJ – known as Kojak.
  • J5 – popular being Jackson five.
  • Q3 – called as gay waiter.
  • 95 – known as Dolly Parton.
  • A8 – popular being dead man’s hand. Nickname is associated with Wild Bill Hickock who was shot after winning with such hand way back in 1876.
  • K9 – called as Canine.
  • J4 – known as flat tyre.

At Bwin, the hand nicknames are very much provided. So far, the hand nicknames we have shared on this article are the hand nicknames that you will get to know at Bwin. They can be found under the Poker School section.

If you are a poker player yourself, dare not to miss the hand nicknames. You should have knowledge about them, most especially that they are more often used in poker games than actual names of hands. They say ignorance is a crime. Well in a way we believe it’s true as it would be a crime to kill your own bankroll for being ignorant. You must be knowledgeable about everything including the hand nicknames in order to make it big for your bankroll.

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