First Lap and Safety Car Phase

Formula 1 First LapIn the past, problems that have something to do with things like first lap and safety car phase also came up and so some more rules were created just to get rid of these problems. Most likely, you’re into Formula 1 betting and so these rules are just for you to get to know now.

Just one of the said rules that we need to mention at this point in time is the one regarding of course the first lap. Before, it actually required the warm-up round prior to the beginning of the race not to be counted as laps on their own and that the drivers who dropped out of the race in the warm-up rounds to be deemed as ‘drop outs’ in the first lap of the race. The rule, though a little complicated for some then, has indeed straightened things up.

And another rule we must mention as of the moment is the one that has something to do with safety car phase. Before, it indeed required a GP to be with starting lights, otherwise, say it was started with a safety car phase because of inclement weather for example, the phase then should not be considered as a safety car phase when betting shall be involved.

Now, the said rules must still be applied in Formula 1. They will keep things in order for sure so they should be. As someone who is into Formula 1 betting, it is your obligation now to keep such rules in mind and remember they would be applied in Formula 1.

If you’re really into Formula 1 and betting on Formula 1, just be aware of the things you badly need to be acquainted with. For sure you want to make it in Formula 1 and betting on Formula 1, therefore just do so and you’d see you’d make it.

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