Final Race Rankings and Crash Bet

Final Race RankingsAside from qualifying time and head-to-head bets, there are also some other things like final race rankings and crash bet that special rules specifically for the purpose of betting on Formula 1 actually cover. In the past, problems involving such things also came up and so now it is good to know they too are a part of the things that the said special rules cover.

Well, nothing really serious with the final race rankings, it is only that what is in accordance is a driver can be classified in the final race rankings but the bets involved must be evaluated based on the official results of the non-profit association FIA.

While with the crash bet, it is only that what is in accordance is actually the bets should become questionable in case of a crash. There can be a crash if at least one of two formula 1 cars can’t make it to the end of the race. A crash only occurs if at least one of two drivers can’t come into the end of the race as a result of collision. And we must mention that there is a first round drop out regulation which would require the drop out to be measured on a first round basis from the scene of the crash between the two drivers. In case two drivers are able to go on for more than one round from the scene of the presumed collision, the incident could not be regarded as a crash.

It is important for everyone who is into betting on Formula 1 to be familiar of things like the ones aforementioned. Certainly they matter, they are important. If they want to go a long way in Formula 1 betting then these people should just be familiar of such things. For sure they want to, just like you naturally who is most likely also into Formula 1 betting.

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