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Bwin has some featured tournaments. They are great tournaments, they are the tournaments to play at. They include the daily freerolls, Lucky Dollar tournaments, Dailys and large prize tournaments.

Daily freerolls are tournaments where the fun and entertainment is. This isn’t surprising as they offer great opportunity to play for free, without any risk but with cash prizes. For the sake of getting experience, they are the tournaments to play at.

Lucky Dollar tournaments are tournaments where a dollar can turn to big money. To enter at the said tournaments, it would only cost a dollar and when finally playing there is chance to win big money. Guaranteed pool prize can be as much as $500 or even more. Come to think of it, for just a dollar, there’s already a chance to win big money.

Dailys are tournaments that are available in regular basis. For the most part, they are available every weekdays. Like the most popular Euro Daily which is available Monday to Friday. Euro Daily is most likely the most well-loved too. If offers great chance to win lots of money with just little risk. Prize pools are as much as $10, 000 or even more. But we should just mention that by nature it is a No Limit Texas Holdem freeze out tournament. In case you don’t know, a No Limit Texas Holdem freeze out tournament won’t ever accept someone who is already busted out, in a way it requires hands to be played strategically and wisely.

Large pool tournaments are tournaments where real money is. However, typically they have big buy-in. Actually, from the big buy-in comes the real money. Currently, it is the European Grand Prix that is on offer. It is available every Saturday, starting at 18:00 GMT. As expected, it has big buy-in but it is possible not to pay for it in full and still, a seat through one of the Grand Prix Qualifier tournaments can be won.

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