Bets on the Winner of Team Competitions

Tennis Winner It is true that tennis is one of the sports covered by the betting activity at Bwin that actually offer so many events or leagues. In fact, it brings into the table events or league such as the popular WTA and the ATP Tours which include Grand Slam events Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, and even the Fed Cup and Davis Cup.

It is a wise decision for bettors or punters to go for tennis as far as betting is concerned. They will have the chance to have wide range of options in regards to events or leagues that they can put their bets at. However, like anything in this world, opting for tennis for the purpose of betting also has, in a way, a drawback.

There are actually some special rules regarding some events or leagues that are about tennis that is being offered at Bwin. These events or leagues actually include the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Hopman Cup, and World Team Cup.

Well the special rules just imply that at the said events or leagues, all bets on the winner of such are valid as soon as the first match’s first ball is played. If one of the teams retire, the winner of the bet should be the team declared officially as the winner by the respective governing body. And also, if a team decides to withdraw before the first match’s first ball of such events or leagues has been actually played, all bets shall be deemed as void.

The said rules are not that hard to understand but then for some may be complicated. However, no matter what, they must be implemented so to have everything in tennis events or leagues organized.
Bettors or punters who are decided to bet on tennis events or leagues only at Bwin should actually realize this and forever adhere to this.

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