“Top”-Rankings and Two Similar Events

The special rules for betting on Alpine skiing are also about the “top”-rankings and two similar events. But just nothing complicated about them too.

With the “top”-rankings, in case a selection is disqualified for a reason, all of the bets on the selection must be settled as lost. And if ever there will be one or more of the respective “top”-rankings that will be occupied by an athlete or say a nation but no odds had been offered, only the bets on athletes or nations that end up in the “top”-rankings and odds had been actually offered on must be considered as won. If ever “Others on Request” option is available, odds can be offered on the skiers who are not even in the initial list of participants on customers’ request.

And with two similar events, the bets placed before the beginning of the first event must be valid for the first event. This should apply to any two similar events that actually held at same time and place unless otherwise stated. In case for an instance a downhill event is changed into a shortened version on the same slope, the bets must still be valid.

Yes, there are special rules for betting on Alpine skiing that bettors must consider. These rules must be put into consideration by bettors who naturally want to bet on Alpine skiing and on the events such as the FIS World Cup, the World Championships or the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. But then, the said rules won’t be complicated for the bettors. Dealing with them won’t be tough for them. Just nothing complicated about the things that the rules are actually about.

The bettors don’t have to worry about the special rules and just check out a sportsbook or bookmaker like Bwin to start betting if they just want to.

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